EffingHAM Music Fest



Where are you located?
We're located 3 miles north of the intersection of I-57 and I-70 in Effingham, Illinois. Press here for directions and more detailed information
Do you sell Alcohol?
Yes, alcohol and soft drinks are available at EffingHAM Music Fest.
What kind of food is available?
Everything from burgers and fries to sweet treats!
Can I bring my own food and drink?
We try to provide options to satisfy every taste – we’ve got you covered!
So is that a “No” to bringing a cooler then?
No coolers, please!
Can I use my credit card to buy tickets at the box office?
Yes you can!
Is this an all ages event?
Yes! Come one, come all!
I have small children – can I bring a stroller?
What is the restroom situation?
When nature calls, we have porta potties with hand washing stations.
Do you have ATMs?
Yes there will be ATM’s on site.
Is there a first aid station?
Yes – at the box office.
What time should I arrive?
Gates open at 3:00 p.m.
When does it end?
When the last band leaves the stage! We’re thinking around 11:00 p.m.
What will the weather be like?
Press here for up to date weather information for Effingham, Illinois
Where is Lost & Found?
Lost & Found is located at the Box Office.
Is there a map of EffingHAM Music Fest that I can see before I get there?
A map will be available online shortly.
What kind of camera can I bring?
Small personal and disposable cameras without additional or detachable lenses are fine. Fancy SLRs and professional cameras with detachable lenses longer than two (2) inches will NOT be allowed where the music takes place. Always lock your valuables away when you are not using them.
Is there wifi service available at EffingHAM Music Fest?
Yes! Take advantage of the FREE public wifi on-site to brag about what an awesome time you’re having at the show!


What ticket levels are available?
General Admission which includes access to the music festival or VIP Tickets which include VIP Parking, Front Pad VIP access during the music festival, private restrooms and more.
What happens if I lose my ticket?
Please contact our ticketing provider at Ticketweb.com or call 1-866-468-3401.
I'm having an issue with my tickets/I never received my tickets.
Please contact our ticketing provider at Ticketweb.com or call 1-866-468-3401.
Do I have to pay full admission for the kids to get in?
Children 2 and under get in free.
Do I need my ticket if I leave the concert to go to my car?
Yes, you can only return to EffingHAM Music Fest if you have your ticket.
Can I leave the grounds and return?
Every vehicle entering the grounds will be charged the $10 parking fee, even if they have already parked previously.
What if I’m just dropping off a friend at the show?
The drop off area for the concert is Gate 5. The gate numbers increase as you head north on Rt. 45.
How and when will my tickets ship?
Please contact our ticketing provider at Ticketweb.com or call 1-866-468-3401.
I found tickets on Craigslist – should I buy them there?
We recommend you purchasing tickets through ticketweb.com to be 100% certain your tickets are legit. We would hate to turn you away at the gate with fake tickets!
I really want to read your legalese. Where is it?
You can read our privacy policy here


Is there camping at EffingHAM Music Fest?
Our grounds are not equipped with showers and electricity for camping. Please feel free to check out the local options here
What hotels are in the area?
Press here for a complete list of area lodging.
What else can I do in Effingham?
Press here for things to do in Effingham and the surrounding area.


What is the cost of parking?
Parking is $10 per car. Or – spend a little more and save some steps with VIP parking at $25 per car!
What is the disabled parking policy?
Disabled parking is available in the VIP parking area. A handicap parking permit is required.
Is there any public transportation to Effingham?
Yes! Effingham has public transportation services if you don’t want to drive to and from our grounds. They can be found here.


What items are allowed at EffingHAM Music Fest?
  • Blankets, Sheets, Towels
  • Umbrellas (ONLY Hand-Held)
  • Baby Strollers
  • Empty CamelBak or CamelBak water bottles, Other Empty Plastic Container, etc.
  • Binoculars
  • Non-Professional Recording Equipment (Point & Shoot Cameras, Flip Video Cameras, etc.)
What items are prohibited?
  • Weapons of Any Kind, including Fireworks or Explosives of Any Kind
  • Illegal or Illicit Substances of Any Kind
  • Large Backpacks (Framed, Hiking Backpacks, etc.)
  • Glass Containers and Metal Aerosol Cans, including Sunscreen in Aerosol Cans.
  • Outside Food or Drinks (including Alcohol), except Two Factory-Sealed Water Bottles (up to 1 Liter each)
  • Skateboards, Scooters or Personal Motorized Vehicles
  • Carts and Tents
  • Hard-Sided Coolers
  • Pets (except Service Dogs)
  • Professional Recording (Photo, Video, Audio) Equipment (NO Detachable Zoom Lense, Tripods or Other Commerical Equipment
  • No Unauthorized/Unlicensed Vendors Allowed. No Unauthorized Solicitations, Handbills, Sampling, Give-Aways, etc.
Can I sell stuff at the concert?
We don’t allow additional vendors at the show. You’re here to kick back, relax and have a good time!
How do I become a food vendor?
Please contact bacon@effinghammusicfest.com
How can I volunteer for EffingHAM Music Fest?
Please contact bacon@effinghammusicfest.com for additional information.
How do I get a press pass?
Please contact hamlet@effinghammusicfest.com
I have a question that is not on this page. What now?
Contact us at ham@effinghammusicfest.com with any additional questions.